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Gravel Crusher and Till Pills

A Major Win!!!

Opposes Jackson Mountain Mine & Gravel Pit
Archuleta County and US National Forest Joint Venture

Upper San Juan River Allies

What's Going On?

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You may not be aware, but for nearly all of 2022, the San Juan National Forest and Archuleta County have partnered to develop a Gravel Mine and Rock Crusher operation on Jackson Mountain right in the middle of an extensive, planned, dedicated, Mountain Bike Trail System!  Mountain biker and forest visitor safety is of great concern! 

Latest NEWS / Updates

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This portion of the site will be populated with detailed information on the impact the  project is expected to have on the residents and visitor users of this forest recreation area and the pedestrian and vehicle safety in the surrounding area.  We will include all published news articles, press releases and other responses by the US Forest service, State of Colorado and Archuleta County. This is where meeting notices will be posted. If you would like to contribute or volunteer for this cause, please contact us.

Get Informed

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Be sure to visit this site often.  We expect a public notice from the U.S. Forest Service / USDA of community “comment period,” allowing your ONE opportunity to voice opposition to the project – Be ready!  Please contact every official (See “contacts”  in the “how can I help” section of this website and voice your concerns.  Be sure to use your voice - Tell your family, neighbors, friends, and co-workers! This project may have a direct impact on you.

Latest News & Updates

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What can I do? 

How can I get involved?

  • Call and Email your County representatives and US Forest Service contacts see below

  • Contact us HERE to volunteer time or resources

Contact your
Representative and US Forest Service

Call and Email your County representatives and US Forest service contacts below

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