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San Juan River Village & the Gravel Pit

We are hoping most of you are aware that the NFS, in conjunction

with Archuleta County, is trying to put a gravel pit off FSR 37A, off of Jackson Mountain Road, less than 2000 ft from the nearest homeowners in San Juan River Village on the mountainside. The mining operation will create health, safety, environmental, wildlife, and economic problem for our neighborhood.

What we know:

In the late summer months of 2022, the NFS added a gravel pit to the Jackson Mountain

Landscape Project (primarily a plan for managed mountain bike trails in the Jackson

Mountain area up to this point). The NFS has held several informative meetings with our

community on the Project and, as of now, are targeting the beginning of the NEPA process

beginning January 10. Follow this link to the Gravel Pit Committee WEB page for more


Next big things:

• SJRV is crafting our objections for the NEPA process that begins in January. These carefully worded objections have to be responded to by NFS before they can move forward with the project.

• We are looking for alternate sites for the gravel pit that are not near any neighborhood

• We would like as many people as possible to attend the open forum meetings that both the NFS and Headwaters will be held in January and help to amplify our objection to the gravel pit. Keep an eye out on the WEB site for meeting times.

• There is a meeting on at 3:30, Wednesday, January 4, with Veronica Medina, our County Commissioner, to come to SJRV and discuss our objections to the gravel pit.

How you can get involved

• SJRV has formed a Gravel Pit Community. Please sign up for our newsletter to learn more and join. If you have extra time to help out. We need “boots-on-the-ground” in January to contact businesses, hang fliers, attend meetings, etc.

• We need someone to design and build a Facebook page for SJRV Stop The PIT

• Keep an eye on the WEB site (release planned for Jan 4) for open forums that you can attend and help to magnify our voice

• Call or Write your County Commissioners to let them know how this personally impacts you. Visit our home page to see your local representative.

Contact us to get involved

A lot of work has been done so far to defeat the gravel pit in SJRV, but unfortunately, the
process is nowhere near completed. Please support our effort where you can.
San Juan River Village POA
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